New visual band DIEALO will be releasing their first single DECISION will be released on April 6, 2016. The five-piece band consists of the following members: Vocalist Naru (ex-BIOSPHIA), guitarist Aki (ex-FORTE as Tsubasa), and Jun (ex-DiaboluS) Bassist Nari (ex-QualiA) and drummer Haku (ex-Valgana).

Fans of BIOSPHIA may remember that the band disbanded in April 2015, so it’s good to see Naru has moved on to delight our ears once again so swiftly. Apart from the new look and announcement of a new single, they have yet to show an official website so sit tight.

They will also be playing an event to celebrate the release of DECISION the day after the launch on April 7 at OSAKA MUSE alongside AvelCain, ARCHEME, SAVAGE, and Nilhism.

DIELO 2015-4

DIELO 2015

Vocalist Naru.

DIEALO 2015-3

Guitarist Aki.

DIEALO 2015-2

Bassist Nari.

DIEALO 2015-5

Drummer Haku.

DIEALO 2015-6

Guitarist JUN.

DIELO 2015-6More info:
Crow Music

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