BABYMETAL revealed their plans for the Episode VI of Road of Resistance, announcing a new album releasing on April 1, 2016, a date now labeled as the FOX DAY. At the same time the trio also revealed some information regarding their world wide tour! Details such as tracklist, album artwork and tour dates are to be announced, the information known so far can however be broken down into three parts:

  1. New Album to be released on April 1st, on the FOX DAY, with a worldwide release!
  2. BABYMETAL embarks a new world tour in 2016, kicks off at the Wembley Arena, UK, and will continue from there to other countries.
  3. The tour final will take place in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan at Tokyo Dome, on DOOMSDAY.

This will be BABYMETAL’s second album after two years, previously releasing their self-titled album back in 2014, which left a significant mark in the western metal world. The tour final mentioned in the third point will be the trio’s first headline show at Tokyo Dome, with a capacity up to 55,000 people, more than twice the capacity of Nippon Budokan. It’s worth mentioning that Nippon Budokan used to be every visual kei artist’s dream! And now these three young girls are able to perform in an even bigger stage!

We also compiled the full information showed in the video below:

Along with the impending 4th IMPACT, we unveil METAL RESISTANCE: EPISODE IV.

April 1st “FOX DAY”. On this day a new prophecy will be revealed into BABYMETAL. On April 1st “FOX DAY” we will attain a scripture. The 4th IMPACT brought upon by this scripture will spread across the world in one sweep. On April 2nd, we will challenge ourselves to the greatest FOX FESTIVAL to date, across the sea in the legendary WEMBLEY ARENA, UK.

We will celebrate the finale of our 2016 World Tour here in Japan through an unprecedented METAL RESISTANCE.

The time has come for the chosen ones, THE ONE, to come together and conceive a miracle. History will repeat itself. On that day, at that time, in that place. The Clock of Destiny is ticking. No one can stop the impending DOOMSDAY, the destined day. “Destined Day – DOOMSDAY -” 2016. On this day, the world comes together and becomes – THE ONE -. When will the “Destined Day – DOOMSDAY -” come? The answer will be revealed in a prophecy on April 1st – FOX DAY -!

The theme of “METAL RESISTANCE” and the use of “THE ONE”, started off with a song the British power metal band DragonForce composed for BABYMETAL, called Road of Resistance. It looks like this time they’ll be taking quite a grand step into their Road of Resistance.

Tokyo Dome depicted as a neck brace, a reference to their song "Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!".

Tokyo Dome depicted as a neck brace, a reference to their song “Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!”.

April 1 is now BABYMETAL's official FOX DAY.

April 1 is now BABYMETAL’s official FOX DAY.

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