A long overdue post for the HALLOWEEN PARTY last month to showcase the best costumes. Most of these features AKi from SID as he was providing a non-stop steam of updates and costumes right from the start of the party. If you’re not aware, Japan takes Halloween to a whole new level when it comes to dressing up, shops displaying Halloween themed everything for the whole duration of October, and generally partying very hard. It really is the place to be if you love this holiday.

Take a look at the video report and more photos of costumes below. I love HYDE in the adorable Ciel costume from Black Butler. The video shows GACKT performing L’Arc~En~Ciel’s STAY AWAY in a nurse costume with long nail extensions on one hand. It’s not to be missed.

HYDE looking tanned

Hyde looking tanned in his Aunty Entity (Tina Turner) from Mad Max costume next to AKi from SID.

Pele cosplaying as HOTEI

Pele cosplaying as HOTEI rocking out on a ukulele alongside AKi from SID.

AKi with Anis (top left), Daigo (top right), Shinya (bottom left) and Ken (bottom right).


Team Syachihoko’s demon-san and AKi in his Tokyo Ghoul costume now.


Daigo as a warrior from Monster Hunter gear with AKi once again.

Seems like Tokyo Ghoul is a popular one.

Seems like Tokyo Ghoul is a popular one. Featuring AKi, Hyde, Hiro and Hitsugi.

SID's Aki as Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

SID’s AKi showing off his supple back as Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

Hyde and AKi

Hyde as Ciel from Black Butler with AKi


SID’s AKi with NIGHTMARE and Tommy Heavenly (top), and Hyde (bottom).

Ticket to the HALLOWEEN PARTY 2015

Ticket to the HALLOWEEN PARTY 2015.

Monster Hunters unite!

Monster Hunters unite!

DAIGO from BREAKERZ in a Monster Hunter costume

DAIGO from BREAKERZ in a Monster Hunter costume.

MY FIRST STORY in a group cosplay. Anyone know where the characters are from?

MY FIRST STORY dressed as characters from the group Aogiri and Kaneki of Tokyo Ghoul, and with BREAKERZ Shinpei.

DIR EN GREY's Shinya as Cheburashka

DIR EN GREY’s Shinya as Cheburashka with Aogiri cosplay.


Shinya as Cheburashka with AKi dressed as Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul and showing off his back once again.

NIGHTMARE's group cosplay as Jack Skellington

NIGHTMARE’s group cosplay as Jack Skellington. This one was popular amongst our Facebook group followers.

Golden bomber and their usual shenanigans

Golden bomber and their usual shenanigans.

Chun Li and Takahiro sakurai from Mononoke anime.

Chun Li and Takahiro Sakurai from Mononoke anime. 10 out of 10 score for the quality of cosplay at the party.

Which one of the costumes is your favorite? Leave a message below.

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