Jam-packed with an amazing line-up, this year’s HALLOWEEN PARTY features super bands and artists; VAMPS, BREAKERZ, NIGHTMARE, MY FIRST STORY and so much more! GACKT also will be performing in his recent project band CAMUI♂GAKUEN de DASHITEKUDASAI. (You can expect a write-up on this topic very soon!)

There are currently five dates for the party, each day filled with different bands and artists. You can check out their website for the line-ups on specific dates. There will be two performances at Kobe on the October 17 and 18, and another three in Makuhari on October 23, 24 and 25.

Have I mentioned that VAMPS is collaborating with Hello Kitty on a range of various merchandise?! These items will be available at the party, but here’s a sneak-peak on their online store.



Silent Sirensilent-siren_thumbRyūji Aokiaoki_thumbDempangumi.incdenpagumi_thumbPele Kusatapele-kusada_thumbPikarinshiina_thumbAKi from SIDaki_thumbanis from MONORALanis_thumbGolden Bombergoldenbomber_thumbkyo from D’ERLANGERkyo_thumb

Check out that list! That’s a huge range of talent they were able to bring together! The people who will be attending are very lucky indeed. How will you be celebrating Halloween in your country? Tells us all about it in the live chat, and in the comments below~

More info:
VAMPS website



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