Edohsama cruising on the internet to bring you an interesting topic once again. Today I came across a video of GACKT covering L’arc~En~Ciel’s STAY AWAY and Ready Steady Go. They even reproduce the dance from the original video. I began to wonder… Surely other bands have thought of this great idea too and found a goldmine of hidden gems. Turns out theres quite a few of GACKT and ONE OK ROCK covered Thousand Miles (not a Jrock song but still). Many thanks for the Facebook comments which helped me find even more covers for everyone to enjoy here!

Take a look at our findings:

GACKT - Stay Away + Ready Steady Go (L'Arc~en~Ciel cover)


GLAY cover ARASHI-Love so sweet

Rize - Pink Spider (Hide Cover)

Gackt - Glamorous Sky (Mika Nakashima cover)

2012.02.26 GACKT × TM Revolution: Konayuki 「粉雪」

Hot Limit - High and Mighty Color

Megamasso- ROCKET DIVE [Hide Cover]

D'espairsRay - Pose LIVE

C.Y.HEAD - original by Kuroyume + GazettE´s cover

Plastic Tree - Maria

Saint Seiya Op. Pegasus Fantasy Cover by Nightmare (NAITOMEA)

Here is a bonus video, K-pop artist Heechul covering Pink Spider!

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