All-female math rock band, tricot, has announced to travel the United States and Canada for a North American tour! The tour will last the majority of the month of October, more precisely from October 12-29. The tour seems to have been a dream of sorts for the band, as the name of the tour is tricot YATTOKOSA TOUR in North America. The meaning of the word “yattokosa” is an old-fashioned word for “finally”, insinuating that they were finally able to tour the US. The band also left a message regarding this tour, check it out below:

FINALLY….! North America Tour Announced!!

We are coming to 14 cities (12 cities in the US and 2 cities in Canada). Can’t wait to see you guys.

The tour name is “Yattokosa Tour in North America”. Yattokosa is the Japanese word (kinda sounds old and interesting) meaning FINALLY or AT LAST. We know many fans there waiting for us so we tried to come to as many cities as possible for the first tour.

Please come to see us!

tricot is a band formed back in 2010 by vocalist and guitarist Nakajima Ikkyu, guitarist Kida Motoko, and bassist Sagane Hiromi, later joined by male drummer Komaki Kazutaki, who left the band in 2014, leaving the band to continue their career with its three founding members. They also established their own label, Bakuretsu Records.

tricot is an amazing band, and definitely deserve this much anticipated North American tour. Below is the music video for E (yes, that’s the name of the song, just “E”) from their latest album, T H E. It is definitely worth your time to check them out and, hey, maybe you’ll be wanting to go to one of their lives next month! Also, check out their promo poster below to check if they’ll be visiting your city!

tricot yattokosa tour poster

Tour date poster.

More info:
Official Website

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