Michiyuki Kawashima, vocalist of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, has been diagnosed for the fourth time with a brain tumor. In light of this, the band will suspend all activities after their live on November 7.

Obviously, with such a terrible disease, there is no telling when or if the band will be able to make a return, but Kawashima is optimistic that the band will in fact return. Here is what he had to say about his disease:

“At a recent checkup it was discovered that I am having my fourth brain tumor relapse. I have battled this disease and won many times up to now, and have even been able to keep up with my work as an artist. However, my repeated relapses have limited my treatment options, and I feel that I am no longer confident in my ability to perform to the satisfaction of my fans. Talking it over with Nakano and the staff, it has been decided that upon November’s one-band performance in Tokyo and Osaka, I will take a break from performance activities to devote myself to treatment. I have no doubt about the success of the treatment, and I will absolutely walk up onto that stage again when this is all over! Look forward to my return!
Thank you to all of the fans who have come to see BOOM BOOM SATELLITES perform at its many different locations over the years. It’s because of you all that I’ve been able to persevere and make it to where I am today. Thank you so very, very much.
Please be sure to enjoy our November’s one-band performance! We will face this new challenge with all its might!”

The staff here at Jrocknews wishes Kawashima Michiyuki the speediest and safest of recoveries. Don’t ever give up and remember you have many people awaiting your return!

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