After more than a year without a drummer, D=OUT has finally found their fifth member, Naoto (直人), who has officially joined the band as a full time drummer. You may spot Naoto somewhere else, as he was previously known as the drummer of xtripx, under the name ena.

In addition to this very important news, the band has announced a new single which title will has been finalized as Koi ga Dekinnai (恋ができない) and further, a brand new album!

The single will come on August 28, while we will have to wait until 2016 to see the album in stores.

D=OUT in their new look, again as a five-man band:

D=OUT ko-ki

Vocalist Kouki (幸樹)

D=OUT ibuki

Guitarist Ibuki (威吹)

D=OUT hikaru

Guitarist Hikaru (ひヵる)

D=OUT reika

Bassist Reika (玲夏)

D=OUT naoto

Drummer Naoto (直人)

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