D.I.D. 『W.O.D.Ⅱ』 Music Clip (Full)

You hear it? It’s D.I.D. shouting they are back on the scene! We recently reported on the band filming a new video for “W.O.D.Ⅱ”, and now the band reveals the video to hype up the the fans!

In addition, 200 copies of the complete version of “W.O.D Ⅱ/ Fatal Error Race” will be sold at their live venues starting on August 1 at Ikebukuro Black Hole. But wait, the single will be also available via iTunes in a few days, on the 25th.

01. W.O.D.Ⅱ
02. Fatal Error Race

And finally, the band announces their 2nd full album titled “the Day I Died” to be released within next year’s spring!

In the meantime, they will be releasing, via iTunes, 27 songs in series of three / four songs each month until the album is released. And some names have reached us already, but the band wants to hold the secret for a bit longer. The songs to be released in the following months are yet to be revealed:

September 1st: the Day I Died / THE VIRTUES(3.0.4) / A forlorn hope (4.0.4) / blindness=MARIA (4.0.4)
Ocotber 1st: the r??????? / B??? ??? ?????? / the T???? ?? ??? ???? / i???????

Don’t miss D.I.D. in their upcoming tour “GEKI-ON JAPAN TOUR 2015 AUTUMN”
2015.10.01 (Thu) Ikebukuro Black Hole (Free admission)
2015.10.05 (Mon) Fukuoka DRUM SON
2015.10.06 (Tue) Hiroshima SECOND CRUTCH (Old Namiki Junction)
2015.10.08 (Thu) Osaka RUIDO
2015.10.09 (Fri) HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA
2015.10.15 (Thu) Niigata CLUB RIVERST
2015.10.21 (Wed) Ikebukuro EDGE

And here is D.I.D. individually in the new look:

D.I.D. Akane
Vo. 茜 (Akane)
D.I.D. Tohma
Gt. 叶真 (Tohma)
D.I.D. Sho
Ba. 翔 (Sho)
D.I.D. Issei
Dr.壱世 (Issei)

More info:
Official Website
Twitter | Blog (D.I.D.)
Twitter | Blog (Akane)
Twitter | Blog (Tohma)
Twitter | Blog (Sho)
Twitter | Blog (Issei)

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