It’s been over one and a half year since composer Setsuna released new material under the name “Vermillion-D Alice Syndrome”. However, during the last day of Comiket 87, December 30, 2014 the new album was finally released! “Karasu/IX” is the name of the new album and consist of seven brand new songs!


  1. 鴉/IX
  2. 蝿の王
  3. Veronicaの蛇
  4. HΣX.D
  5. 零ノ柩
  6. And Then There Were None

Please note: the online shops that are linked below only ships within Japan! Overseas shipping can be fulfilled by either using a shopping service such as “Yokatta” or requesting this release via CDJapan. I personally never used Yokatta’s service thus I’m only able to vouch for CDJapan. They’re trustworthy and reliable from my past experience!

Vermillion-D Alice Syndrome – Karasu/IX:
Purchase @ Toranoana (ships within Japan only)
Purchase @ Melonbooks (ships within Japan only)
Request @ CDJapan

More info:
Official Website
Album Special Page

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