Our last piece of Nyanko Scandal Factory related news for awhile.

In two weeks, OROCHI will have a live show at the Swedish Japanese festival Miyabi: Japan Story in Stockholm. Moreover, there will be a signing session and a make-up session in which OROCHI’s RYU and his make-up artist Ibuki Ohtake will give a lesson in visual kei makeup.

OROCHI is known for combining visual kei and samurai rock into one experience where modern sound is combined with traditional Japanese instruments (wagakki). Among several, RYU masters nohkan, shinbone ryuteki (dragon flute), koto and biwa.

About the festival:
Miyabi is a festival which celebrates Japanese art in all forms; films, food, music, craft techniques, art, calligraphy, comics and games etc.

Time and Location:
Nov 29th – Concert (19:30)
Nov 30th – Signing session (13:10) and makeup session (15:00)
Venue: CCC NORRA LATIN, Drottninggatan 71B, Stockholm
Tickets: http://www.jstory.info/#!ticket-shop/c1d5t

At the moment there’s a campaign rolling with 3 limited deals:

Ticket option 1: Gives you the opportunity to buy the pass for reduced price: 150SEK (original price 270SEK).

Ticket option 2: If you buy the “Festival pass/MIYABI pass” and add “OROCHI option” for 50SEK, then you can attend the rest of the festival AND see OROCHI live.

Ticket option 3 (Nyanko Scandal Factory Offer):
Bring a friend for free. Buy OROCHI PASS for 150SEK and mail to info@project-impact.se with subject “NYANKO”. That will give you one extra ticket for free. (This deal can’t be combined with other ticket options.)

For more information, visit:


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