Halloween Costumes at VAMPS "Halloween Party 2014" in Japan

The grand Halloween Party 2014 hosted by Vamps has begun, and not only was the artists wearing scary make-up and costumes, but also the attendances (audience)! Surprisingly most of these costumes were quite vigorous and playful, even the cheerful Arale (Dr. Slump) was to be found. Other references like Tokyo Ghoul, AKB48, Nightmare Before Christmas, Pac-man, PokémonWaldo etc. also showed up. Maybe not too unexpected, but some people also cosplayed as Hyde and Yasu from the previous Halloween Party.

Line up:

  • Vamps
  • MUCC
  • Golden Bomber
  • Tommy Heavenly6
  • SID
  • Daigo
  • Momoiro Clover Z
  • Kishidan
  • May J.
  • Nogizaka46
  • Silent Siren

VAMPS Halloween Party 2014

What I didn’t except was Idol groups joining the line-up. However, if you give it an extra though, they do actually fit in quite well as they tend to wear some crazy outfits sometimes (especially Momoiro Clover Z). Still think that Silent Siren joining the line-up was a bit strange, even though they are into fashion.

Source: Official Website (2014)

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