Meet the sound producer of BABYMETAL, composer and DJ Yuyoyuppe.

Yuyoyuppe started out as a lot of other Vocaloid composers, through Nico Nico Douga (“Japanese Youtube”). At first he composed music in the screamo genre but in the recent days he also brought himself upon the name “DJ TEKINA//SOMETHING” to distinguish his EDM and metal music. Even though he actively works with EDM as a DJ nowadays he still plays a big role in the metal community.

What usually shocks people overseas is when he mentions that he wrote lyrics and produced/wrote/arranged music for BABYMETAL. And it’s no wonder since “Megitsune” – one of BABYMETAL’s most known song internationally – was produced by Yuyoyuppe.

We covered Yuyoyuppe’s metal music before but if you missed out, listen to his song “Cry” which is one of my favorite song by him, enjoy!

Planetary Suicide: Cry (Remastered)

MTV81: Yuyoyuppe Interview Segment 1

MTV81: Yuyoyuppe Interview Segment 2