Anime Boston, the premier anime convention in New England, has announced its second round of musical guests, including the celebrated Japanese band QUEEN BEE. Don’t miss QUEEN BEE’s thrilling performance at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts, scheduled for March 29–31, 2024. The band will perform live on Friday, March 29, according to an update on the convention’s Twitter.

In addition to QUEEN BEE, Anime Boston has revealed Kaya and HIZAKI as musical guests for 2024, ensuring a diverse and well-rounded musical experience for Jrock fans.


QUEEN BEE, also known as “Ziyoou Vachi” (女王蜂), is a three-member band comprising vocalist Avu-chan, bassist Yashi-chan, and guitarist Hibari-kun. Since its formation in 2009, QUEEN BEE has captivated audiences not just in the music realm but also across diverse industries, showcasing dynamic performances and a distinctive fusion of genres.

QUEEN BEE, known for their talent and widespread appeal, consistently delivers chart-topping songs and sells out shows globally. Their impressive discography includes notable tracks featured in popular anime, such as Mephisto (ending theme for OSHI NO KO), 01 (opening theme for UNDEAD UNLUCK), VIOLENCE (ending theme for Chainsaw Man), and Kaen (火炎) (opening theme for the 2019 remake of Dororo).

Vocalist Avu-chan has expanded beyond the music industry, transitioning from the recording studio to the voice acting realm. In the 2021 anime rock opera Inu-Oh, Avu-chan lent their distinctive spoken and singing voice to the titular main character. Avu-chan’s influence has even reached Hollywood, as demonstrated by their cover of Stayin’ Alive for the 2022 film Bullet Train, featuring Brad Pitt.

Queen Bee’s powerful song “01”, for the anime series “Undead Unluck”, features in our top 25 anime opening and ending theme songs of 2023.

『01(ZERO ICHI)』Official MV

About Anime Boston

Anime Boston, the largest anime convention in the northeastern United States, takes place annually over three days in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally centered around Japanese animation and comics, the convention has broadened its scope to encompass various facets of Japanese pop culture, including Jpop and Jrock, offering attendees a well-rounded experience.

This year’s event takes place from March 29–31, 2024, at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA. The 2024 musical lineup features Kaya and HIZAKI as additional guests, adding to the diverse offerings. Registration is currently open for the event.

🗓 Date📍 Location🌎 Country🔗 Info
March 29
Boston, Massachusetts🇺🇸 United StatesRegistration
March 30
Boston, Massachusetts🇺🇸 United StatesRegistration
March 31
Boston, Massachusetts🇺🇸 United StatesRegistration
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