10 years after disbanding, visual kei loud core band NEGA reunites for a one-night revival concert, titled NEGATIVISION ~vita brevis, ars longa~. The one-man concert takes place at Shibuya Rex in Tokyo, Japan on July 31, 2023.

Not only will the band reunite for one night, but they will also distribute two newly-recorded songs for free to concertgoers. The titles have been announced as HINDSIGHT -ars longa-, and Kabe -R.S. 2023– (壁 -R.S. 2023-). Both are new recordings of popular, previously-released tracks.

The concert also commemorates NEGA’s 18th anniversary. The setlist will include songs from NEGA, as well as their previous band, PERESTROЇKA. Tickets are available via e-plus.

This is not the first time the band has reunited since disbanding. On September 1, 2020, NEGA reunited for a one-night show at Shibuya ON AIR WEST.

In January 2023, the band also performed together at KISAKI BANDWORKS 30th ANNIVERSARY LIVE BEYOND THE KINGDOM -TOKYO-. The event commemorated bassist KISAKI’s 30th anniversary as a performing artist. KISAKI is also the executive producer of the Osaka-based label UNDERCODE PRODUCTION, which NEGA was signed to.

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