On November 11, internationally renowned rock artists YOSHIKI, SUGIZO, HYDE, and MIYAVI shocked the world with the announcement of the new superband THE LAST ROCKSTARS. Now, fans can sample what is to come with a teaser video of debut singles THE LAST ROCKSTARS, and PSYCHO LOVE.

THE LAST ROCKSTARS is written and composed by YOSHIKI. PSYCHO LOVE was written by HYDE and YOSHIKI, with composition by YOSHIKI. Songs featuring compositions by MIYAVI and SUGIZO are on the way.

Fans expressed interest in the band’s lack of a bassist. At the November 11 press conference, the band stated they have no plans to bring on a bassist and have specifically composed songs without a bass guitar. What do you think of this unique composition, as it comes through on the teaser video?

The band unleashes its debut performances on January 26 and 27 at Ariake Arena, and on January 29 and 30 at Tokyo Garden Theatre. Fanclub presale is available now. THE LAST ROCKSTARS also hits American shores with performances in New York and Los Angeles in February. Check out the tour dates and ticket links in the chart below!

MIYAVI, YOSHIKI, HYDE and SUGIZO at the November 11 press conference in Tokyo, Japan.

THE LAST ROCKSTARS Live Debut 2023 Tokyo – New York – Los Angeles

Date Venue Location Info
January 26 Ariake Arena Tokyo, Japan Tickets
January 27 Ariake Arena Tokyo, Japan Tickets
January 29 Tokyo Garden Theatre Tokyo, Japan Tickets
January 30 Tokyo Garden Theatre Tokyo, Japan Tickets
February 4 NY Hammerstein Ballroom New York, NY Tickets
February 10 LA Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles, CA Tickets

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