TK from Ling tosite sigure and Koshi Inaba from B’z have come together to collaborate on the new single As long as I love/Scratch (with Koshi Inaba) that’s out physically on March 16, 2022.

This collaboration came about from TK’s strong respect for B’z which impacted him since he started playing the guitar during his schooldays. To close off the 10th anniversary of TK’s solo project, he sent Koshi Inaba a demo, and the As long as I love/Scratch project was born.

Scratch has been chosen to be the theme for the new card game “Magic the Gathering – Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty”, and the promotional video has been animated by WIT STUDIO who are the best known for their work on “Attack on Titan”.

Both artists have taken a moment to comment on this collaboration:

I’d always stay in my room, constantly playing B’z on my guitar. Their sound fascinated everybody and of course I was also blown away by their sound too. In this dream-like collaboration, Inaba-san listened and paid close attention to all my detailed requests. It was surreal and every single moment that he was involved in has been engraved in my new musical DNA. The voice that could be heard right next to me, sounded even more radiant than ever before, and it felt like an essential element was being poured from an unreachable place. The person that opened the doors to music for me, continues to be an overwhelming existence that still shook my heart, and it was a collaboration filled with joy. I hope that this song will leave a lasting impression for many people.
— TK

When I was approached about this project, I had no idea what TK and I would be able to create together. So, we started on the premise that if we create something interesting and we’re both satisfied, then we would release it. And the moment I listened to the first demo he sent me, all my hesitations disappeared, and I let the momentum of TK’s creativity take over and ran with it until the end.
TK is a musician with great ears, open-minded with lots of ideas and above all has the ability to hold stimulating conversations. I am grateful for the wonderful musical experience.
And, of course, the finished song is amazing.
— Koshi Inaba

To be announced
TK from Ling tosite sigure:
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