It’s been a while since we’ve spoken to Kenbo, and he’s back to say hello and give us an update on what CLACK inc. is up to. He has a special guest today as he’s joined by vocalist, Takeru!

We’re glad to see they both look well!

Coming back to the interview mentioned in the comment video, in May last year, we published an interview with Kenbo who spoke to us about his personal experience of life as a band member, as well as insight into the Japanese music scene. If you’re a long-time Jrock music listener, the interview is a must-read.

We’re so grateful to Kenbo for spending such a large amount of his precious time to enlighten us all about visual kei, and we want to give him a shoutout for his good work! Come and show your support by keeping up with his activities on Twitter.

In terms of band activities, CLACK inc. will release a digital single titled Freak Show on October 24. It will be available on popular streaming services and they’ve already uploaded a preview sampling the two songs Freak Show, and Bye Bye. Let’s see what they have on offer!

  1. Freak Show
    Freak Show
  2. Bye Bye
  1. period.
  2. TOKYO
  3. Bluff
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