Yesterday, Mana showed us his personal favorite Moi-même-Moitié items. Did you guys read it? Did we put you in a Moitié-craving mood? If Mana’s thoughts on his Moitié favorites did indeed ignite an insatiable thirst for Moi-même-Moitié products within you, we’ve got your back. Today, we shall showcase the newest Moitié items that are presently available!

In case you weren’t aware, Moi-même-Moitié is currently dealing with all its international orders through the wonderful Wunderwelt Fleur site. The site is really easy to use, and all Moitié items that are sold through the official store in Japan can be purchased overseas from there.

Let’s look at what Moitié has in store for us among their newest items.

Neo Gothic Arch Series

The first item we’ll showcase is the Neo Gothic Arch dress. This particular dress is a re-release of a 2017 series that comes in three versions—one-piece dressJSKa sleeveless lolita dress meant to be worn over a blouse, and a long version of the JSK for the tall and modest—or anyone that is a fan of long skirts.

The Neo Gothic Arch print is reminiscent of Moitié’s other famous monochromatic prints—the ones that it seems to resemble the most are the legendary Iron Gate, and Holy Stained Glass.

Neo Gothic Arch Print OP one-piece

Neo Gothic Arch Print JSK

Neo Gothic Arch Print Long JSK

Juliet one-piece dress

The most recent addition to Moitié catalog in Wunderwelt Fleur is the Juliet one-piece. These dresses are a re-release of a very old series, and as such, are a callback to the much simpler times for lolita fashion, when the style as a whole did not rely heavily on prints.

The Juliet OP comes in two versions, sporting either a standard short skirt, or a long one. Both versions are available in black, blue, green or white.

Rose Cross Lace Choker

When we’re talking new additions to Moitié’s collection, we must talk about this new item in the store. Are you a fan of Moitié’s beautiful and intricate original lace design, but don’t exactly want to buy an entire dress attached to the lace? Fret not! Now you can wear just the lace! These beautiful chokers are fashioned out of Moitié’s original Rose Cross lace; they can be tied in the back with a satin ribbon to fit just about any size, and are decorated with a cute little cross in the front.

Vanity Bags

As Andrea told us in the Moitié staff interview a couple days ago, the brand has recently been focusing on releasing more “everyday use” items. Personally, we consider that a great idea; after all, what isn’t there to love about such products? You get the satisfaction of owning a brand item, and with it, a product that you can use very often, and that just about anybody can use, regardless of their size!

And what everyday item would a lolita need more than a vanity bag to stuff all of their make-up paraphernalia into? These vanity pouches have the Moitié logo embroidered on them and sport a pair of stylish cross-shaped zippers. They come in two versions, both in “traditional” Moitié colors—a black bag with blue embroidery or a blue bag with a white embroidery.

They’re the perfect item for you if you want to be fixing your make-up in style!

Hand Fans

Summer is coming. And if you have ever gone to a Jrock concert in summer, you definitely know what the most essential item to carry with you is, aside from your ticket, of course. A fan! For when the heat gets too unbearable. Fans also come in handy for any goths and lolitas overheating in an abundance of layers! Moitié got your back—you can now be overheating to a slightly lesser extent with a lot more style if you’re sporting a Moitié fan.

The fans come in two versions, the Jewel Rose print, and the Cross print. Mana has shown one of them off on his Twitter too!

Lace Cross JSK

The Lace Cross JSK is a re-release of an older dress with some minor changes. Crosses are an integral motive in gothic lolita fashion, and you can find them on just about anything, in many different forms. However, this execution of a lace cross motive on a dress is definitely original!

You could see these dresses at Sakura-con in Seattle this April; here’s Mana posing with them!

High Neck Lace Blouse

While we are talking about all these JSKs—you’re probably going to want something to put underneath them! Moitié has recently released these elegant high-neck blouses. They come in four different versions for all your coordinating needs, and are suitable for both sweeter and more mature outfits! The light fabric will ensure that you do not burn up under all the customary lolita layers, too. However, in case you do start overheating, we shall refer you to the Moitié hand fan.

Cross one-piece dress

The most recent addition to Moi-même-Moitié’s selection of items is yet another gorgeous dress—the Cross one-piece, designed by Alice Kobayashi (ⓇFairy Wish). Isn’t it just utterly adorable?
The dress comes in both long and standard short version, in either black or white. The reservations begin on June 21, and finished dresses are expected to ship in August 2018.

Wallets and card cases

If you would like to have a piece of Moitié merchandise on you that you will truly use often, you may want to look into the stylish Moitié wallets that were released in April.

Want to put all your money (or all your nothing, for you may have just spent all your money on Moitié) in a stylish wallet? Get a Moitié one! You can pick between long wallets or more compact trifold ones. To go with that, Moitié also offers card cases!

Smartphone cases

The last item on this list is a bit of a personal recommendation. If you are a fan of Moitié’s prints, and wish you could have your dream print on you at all times, you should definitely consider getting one of Moitié’s three smartphone cases that were released back in 2017!

Our writer Nexus has owned one for over half a year and cannot possibly recommend it enough; it has saved their phone from many falls and is a nice item that is used daily that has not only the Moitié logo, but a nice motive on it as well. These cases fit smartphones of any size, even up to very large sizes; in fact, they are among some of the largest phone cases we have encountered. Definitely a must-have if you have a big phone!

The phone cases come in three versions of well-known Moitié prints: Alchemy, Sleeping Garden, and Silent Moon. Which one do you like best?

So, has anything caught your attention? Are you considering buying anything? Let us know! If you would like to see these items with your own two eyes before purchasing, you can do so this September in Helsinki, Finland, where Mana will be attending the Eternal Twilight event. Alongside a fashion show and Q&A with Mana, you will be able to win a pass to a meet&greet with Mana, and might be able to purchase Moitié there!

Now, you better strap in for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the headlining act is unfolding at last; we’re bringing you an exclusive interview with Mana about his recent overseas activities and more! Make sure not to miss it!

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