All four members of the much-beloved rock powerhouse band that is SCANDAL plus slap guitar virtuoso MIYAVI feature in a just-released short promo video from Fender Japan showcasing the Made in Japan 2018 Limited Collection of instruments. Speaking in English, the five artists hold forth on “the pursuit of mastery” and “creation with courage” with MIYAVI noting that “originality has been in us throughout all time”.

Pride of Made in Japan

The three guitars are a beautiful blond ’50’s Telecaster, a red Strat, and a white American Vintage ’65 Jazzmaster. There’s also a ’64 sunburst Jazz Bass. The choice of musicians seems appropriate, as they are all long-time users of Fender gear.

The video is showcased on the Fender Japan site, where you can find more information, as well as in the company’s Twitter feed.

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