NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST has already released their THE BEST ’09-’17  album, but now the band has launched the music video from one of the four new tracks that the album has, BREAK THIS FAKE, check out the video above! The song is a strong track that informs us what happens when you betray NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, and judging by the lyrics, what happens to traitors is not pretty.

The best-of album from which this song comes from, THE BEST ’09-‘17, has been on sale since March 8, so if you haven’t grabbed your copy, do so now!

THE BEST ’09-’17

Limited edition


Disc 1

  1. Determination
  3. Malice against
  4. Punch me if you can
  5. Jyuso (銃創)
  6. T.Y.R.A.N.T
  7. I-V-III
  8. Sphere
  9. Genesis
  10. V.I.P
  11. VENOM

Disc 2

  1. Eveil
  2. Calamity of Victims
  4. Strike in fact
  5. Obligation
  7. FATE
  8. Aster
  9. Bury me
  10. A bullet of skyline
  11. A Day to re:member

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