Versailles recently traveled Europe in order to give fans some rocking lives, and now they give Latin Americans and Asians a chance to hear them live, as it has been announced that the band embark on a new world tour as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations! We say “Latin Americans” because, strangely enough, there are no dates in the U.S. or Canada. The countries that the band will be visiting are Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

The tour will begin on September 2 in Mexico, and will end on October 28 in Taiwan. Ticket information has been uploaded to the band’s website, but for some countries there is information that is yet to be announced.

Versailles seem to be very fond of Latin American fans, as this is not the first time they visit such countries, whereas a lot of other Japanese bands tend to focus their overseas touring in the US and Canada. Will you be attending any of these concerts? Let us know!

More info:
Official Website
Ticket Information
Warner Music YouTube
Twitter (KAMIJO)
Twitter (TERU)

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