During a stroll around the street of Japan, YouTuber That Japanese Man Yuta asks Japanese people what music they like. In a nation where pop music is clearly dominating the market, it seems like rock music and the visual kei scene still have some thin legs to stand on.


One of the visual kei bands that got mentioned a few times was SuG.

It looks like SuG was a fairly popular choice within the scene of visual kei, especially with the younger generation. But age of course does not limit one’s music selection from expanding.


“I like rock” “I like coldrain”

coldrain, which relatively recently gotten more recognition, appears to be the first go-to choice for this older lady who is in fond of rock music.


Inevitably, K-pop will without fail be mentioned in an interview video like this.

However, we cannot forget that K-pop is really popular these days and is still barraging through Asia without any signs of stopping, and now even the West, so expect to hear a lot of mentioning of the five-man group BIGBANG in the video below.

What Music Do Japanese Like? (Interview)

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