It seems like Ryo has impeccable timing when uploading videos in tandem with a band’s new release, by coincidence or not, as this time he covers Ohayo (おはよう) by DEZERT who bring out their new album, Kanzen Ongen Shu – Zantei Teki Occult Shukanshi (2) (完売音源集-暫定的オカルト週刊誌②-), on November 23, in other words, today (or yesterday in Japan). 

This was originally a live-distributed single made available at their Zepp Tokyo tour final performance on June 5 that was then uploaded as a lyric video onto YouTube. Check it out here and see if it stays truthful to the original or turns out differently than expected.

Yet again, Ryo covers the song with finesse, in his own style of course and in the meantime, it also provides an opportunity for new fans to get into the band as DEZERT are probably the least well-known amongst all the other covers he’s done thus far, so this is indeed a welcoming change!

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