Recently you may have noticed there has been one particular black-and-white advert which has been seen on social media and the Asahi and Yomiuri newspapers. With 116 artists, from L’Arc~En~Ciel, GLAY, the HIATUS, the GazettE, UVERworld, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION and so many more, “TenbaiNO” (#転売NO) is a campaign against ticket touts and resellers. In the article it reads “We are against the high-priced reselling of tickets, which is depriving music of its future”.


Tenbai No avert in the newspaper- Photo by Japan Times.

According to Japan Times “Japan’s booming online resale market, which has seen instances of ticket prices being pushed up to more than 10 times their original price.” We believe this also applies to many other countries too. As well as the supportive backing from bands and artists, TenbaiNO has also gained the support from 24 festivals and four music-related associations. Will this be a start for a fair platform for true fans to purchase tickets at retail price? We sure hope so. From experience, we have attended sold out shows where we frustratingly see rows of empty seats bought out by touts and also spotting tickets on auction sites not even a minute after tickets are sold out. Let’s hope TenbaiNO successfully removes this obstacle and open up access for true attendees.

The TenbaiNO advert can be downloaded here.

The TenbaiNO advert can be downloaded here.

Source Japan Times

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