As foreign fans of Japanese rock, we sometimes wish we could somehow communicate with our favorite bands, but alas, the difference in language does not permit it, nor do we have the accessibility. Buying merchandise through a Japanese web shop can also sometimes prove to be difficult. However, there is one company that aims to make these struggles a bit lighter on our end. That is V STAR PROMOTION.

V STAR PROMOTION is a recently founded company based in Osaka, Japan, that is run by both English and Japanese native speakers. Their aim is to help spread visual kei and its culture not only in Japan, but around the world as well. To do this, they have established three goals for their company to pursue at all times: Public relations, international marketing, and accessibility.

The goal that most fans have their eyes on is most likely accessibility, so let me explain a bit how V STAR PROMOTION aims to do that. In order to make things accessible for overseas fans, the company will be making available a readily accessible English website, as well as translated songs and music videos of the bands they are working with. Lastly, they also plan on having merchandise for overseas fans to purchase as well. This way, fans will have an easier time to learn about the music behind their favorite bands, as well as support them.

You keep mentioning the word ‘bands’, but we still don’t know which bands are under this company!” is probably something you are telling your screen right now. So, let me cut to the chase. Bands such as Deviloof, BLESSCODE, MORRIGAN, Rides in ReVellion, and BLAZE are a few of the several bands V STAR PROMOTION are working with. Details are still being worked out, but soon you’ll be able to buy exclusive merchandise from these bands.

For MORRIGAN, they are considering offering a special tote bag set, which will include a tote bag, a CD, a cheki of each member, a towel, and a mirror. Furthermore, they will be also selling a limited number of MORRIGAN’s latest live-venue release. This marks them as the first band-affiliated web shop to sell live-limited releases for overseas fans. Continuing on, fans of Deviloof will be able receive a free copy of their latest release, Ishtar, with the purchase of their debut single, Ruin. Special promotions are still being organized for Rides in ReVellion, whereas BLAZE merchandise will be limited, as they will be disbanding soon. Check out some of the things you’ll be able to buy below:

BLAZE's "Underworld" type be release
MORRIGAN’s underworld CD
Cheki photo from Deviloof's Seiya
Seiya from Deviloof’s cheki
Rides in ReVellion's newest CD
Rides in ReVellion CD
Deviloof wrist bands
Deviloof wristbands
BLAZE’s latest CD
MORRIGAN’S tote bag set

The English website mentioned earlier is now officially open since May 1, with the Japanese website opening later on. The webshop also officially opened today, so go check it out! More bands will be added as time passes, so don’t miss out! This is your chance to appreciate visual kei to the fullest!

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