RarezHut is one of the largest internationally-based store for used Japanese Rock and visual kei music. They are currently based in the US. RarezHut and JROCK NEWS have collaborated to bring all readers 5% off their purchase! Simply use the code JROCKNEWS05 when you are at the checkout.


They have got a total inventory of well over 2000 items, each of which includes a listenable and watchable sample. Currently available are a multitude of CDs, DVDs, VHS, and cassette tapes spanning well over 200 bands. Most, if not all of the CDs have only one copy available, so be quick if you find a super rare one. We suggest you opt-in for their newsletter which details all of the newest additions and will be sent out the moment they’re added to the site, allowing you to get first dibs on any new goodies!

Along with any cassette or VHS purchases, they offer high-quality digital copies made with profession-grade equipment free-of-charge. Not everyone has the means to play these ageing formats, but they aim not to let that get in the way of you being able to enjoy them!

As well as their online store, they regularly also host auctions to bid on items via live stream. If you’re after something very specific, RarezHut offer a shopping service to order items from Japan for a small fee, please find out more information here. If you would prefer to exchange CDs, perhaps check out their exchange scheme.

Check out their store and see if you can find something amazing today.

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