Earlier this week, the GazettE introduced a new message board dedicated to their late bassist, Reita. The board was announced and made available on May 27, a date that would otherwise have been celebrated as Reita’s 43rd birthday.

The message board will be open from May 27, 2024, at 12:00, to June 26, 2024, at 23:59 (JST). Click here to visit the message board.

While the message board doesn’t specify the type of messages to be posted, for instance, whether you would rather share a birthday or farewell message (or both), please note that all messages will be reviewed before being made public. As such, please ensure your message is appropriate for the context and do not include any personal information.

As of this writing, the message board has received about 1 000 approved messages.

In case you missed, the world was shocked on April 16 upon the official announcement made by the GazettE, where we learned that Reita had passed away the previous day. The shock and sorrow from this tragic event continue to resonate, so we’re happy to see this initiative from the band and their team.

Additionally, the GazettE who normally has been against the idea of streaming concerts, ensured their May 27 concert to be available for streaming for fan club members. They also announced an upcoming concert for September 12, taking place at Tokyo, TOYOSU PIT.

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