Japanese metalcore band ACME announced the release of their fourth album PARTY METAL ANTHEM. The seven-track compilation includes two unreleased songs PARTY METAL ANTHEM and kanon. It will be available digitally to stream and download on May 15, 2024. Keep your eyes on ACME’s social media for streaming and download links!

The announcement on their official website dove deeper into the details of the upcoming album, giving fans a lot to look forward to. For example, there is a meaning hidden behind the title PARTY METAL ANTHEM, which is “ACME’s unwavering positive attitude”. Their constant positivity and strong spirit allow them to replace “barriers and conflict” with the word “party”. This album shows that strength without restraint. The songs may feel nostalgic, but ACME has only ever known how to look toward the future. To tease further, the lyrics of the album’s titular song PARTY METAL ANTHEM contain the phrase “Burning soul till die”, reflecting ACME’s unwavering spirit.

The album will also contain previously released singles such as STAND UP and Wolfhesnar, which are available to stream now.

The announcement comes with the unveiling of a brand-new look for the group. They’ve been known to change up their style and this time they’ve come up with baggy outfits with bold blocks of color, accentuating what might otherwise be a very utilitarian look.

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