Following ELFENSJóN’s remake album REINCARNATE, the group is now gearing up for the launch of their fifth full album, ZENITH, scheduled for April 10. While the album was announced in late 2023 with just a release year, we now have a concrete release day to look forward to!

In conjunction with the release day, ELFENSJóN sets the tone for the upcoming work with a mystical and atmospheric teaser video, showcasing an ancient castle in a fantasy-like setting.

Another date to look forward to is March 20, which is when we’ll see a prerelease of the lead single, so get ready for that!



The German word “Elf” means “eleven” (10+1, “the last one”), and Sjón means “vision”. Together it forms ELFENSJóN: “The last and another vision”.

ELFENSJóN is a contemporary production group formed at the end of 2018, centering around compositions and arrangements by Keisuke Kurose, and artwork by Ishizue Kachiru. The purpose of the group is to build a new worldview based on the music and illustrations that heed to “dark fantasy”.

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