DEXCORE released their latest music video SKINDEEP late last month, with the single of the same name following suit just yesterday!

The explosive music video transports the band to a dystopian virtual hellhole, all while sweeping around the environment at a breakneck pace. It’s in this digital setting where the members thrash away to their ferocious creation.

DEXCORE 「SKINDEEP」 Official Music Video

In the music video, vocalist Kagami delivers his vicious and venomous growls with exceptional coolness. Notably, the lyrics of the song are prominently displayed on screen and seamlessly integrated into the video, adding weight to Kagami’s words—especially how he delves into the vile human psyche.

The visuals incorporate CRT scanlines, dynamic camerawork, 3D and glitching elements, to evoke a truly off-putting atmosphere, perfectly reflecting the mood of the song. The intense combination is impactful and impressive, bringing a sense of fulfillment to the song’s end.

DEXCORE also released artist photos taken within the same environment as the music video.

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