XaaXaa’s single Boku to OD (僕とOD) may not be released until March 27, but the music video is already available for your viewing pleasure. The music video made its world premiere on February 23 via YouTube, to an enthusiastic reception of live commenters.

The high-speed music video bursts with a neon swirl of toxic colors. The blend of heavy elements and punk rock chords creates a dynamic atmosphere, making the song feel longer than a mere two minutes and 35 seconds. Musical distortion and unsettling graphics enhance the heavy bridge, guiding vocalist Kazuki down a path of final farewells and the choice to leave the world behindthe cause of death: overdose.

This unique blend perfectly encapsulates XaaXaa’s style, pairing painful lyrics with an irresistibly catchy tune. Despite the emotional turmoil depicted in XaaXaa’s songs, by the end, you’ll find yourself feeling invigorated and alive.


The single Boku to OD releases on March 27, 2024, offering two versions with distinct features. Type A includes a CD featuring tracks Boku to OD and Muyuubyou (夢遊病), accompanied by a DVD showcasing the music video for Boku to OD. On the other hand, Type B is a CD-only option, featuring the original two tracks plus an additional bonus track, Uzai (うざい). To pre-order your copy, see the music entry at the end of this post.

In Boku to OD, XaaXaa debuts a fresh coordinated look, rocking custom-made tartan outfits. Each member adds their unique twist to the ensemble.

Can’t get enough XaaXaa? We don’t blame you“the world of XaaXaa can be addictive”! Luckily, JROCK NEWS was on the ground covering the band’s US debut at Katsucon 2024. Stay tuned for our coverage of the event!

“Caution: The world of XaaXaa can be addictive. Please use as directed and take only the prescribed dosage.”Erica (JROCK NEWS)

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