The all-new band “syozyoseze” (生生世世) released their first taste of music with their debut single “DEMENT-Fukanzen Ningen-” on December 22. “DEMENT-Fukanzen Ningen-” also comes with the first reveal of the band’s visual style, in the accompanying music video.

As the first release from syozyoseze, “DEMENT-Fukanzen Ningen-” does not disappoint. Guitarist Bakemono starts the journey for the new band, with powerful heavy guitar riffs opening the song, that transform into a groovy and rhythmically-driven verse. Vocalist Masa’s voice dominates, with angelic verses and memorable choruses. Bassist Senpai and drummer Taro make up a rhythm section that adds to each section of the song, bringing forth more emotion.

“DEMENT-Fukanzen Ningen-” is a strong introduction to the band’s talents, with many more territories for them to enter for future releases, perhaps showcasing more of Masa’s screams.

Get your first taste of syozyoseze in the music video below. The digital single “DEMENT -Fukanzen Ningen-” is also available to stream on your favorite music platforms—check the bottom of this post for links.

生生世世「DEMENT-不完全人間-」 Official Music Video

The band’s striking visuals are on full display during the music video for “DEMENT-Fukanzen Ningen-“. In mysterious black suits, the band plays through their latest hit. Personality shines through the black suits of each member, from Bakemono’s black tears with each guitar strum to Masa’s charismatic gestures, as he explodes into song. It’s an interesting first visual style that could grow and change in many ways. Check out the visuals in more detail below.

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