Get ready for FORBIDDEN’s upcoming digital single, NIGHT RULER, internationally available for streaming or purchase on January 24, 2024. FORBIDDEN, formed in October 2023, features vocalist Byo (ex-SCREW, KHRYST +) and guitarist Lin (Affective Synergy, ex-Lilith). The band defines their concept as “NIGHT TELLER,” portraying different stories and ideas set in a fictional cyber city.

The band officially kicked off activities on December 29, 2023, with a live performance and the release of their debut digital single, FEARLESS. Upon its debut, FEARLESS secured the 24th position in the top rock songs on iTunes Switzerland.

NIGHT RULER is the second installment of a series of staggered singles introducing the new band. Their third single, MAD RED DAWN, is slated for release on February 21, 2024.

So far, FORBIDDEN’s music is characterized by dynamic technical guitar work, complemented by nostalgic visual kei vocals. Fans of visual kei music from the late ’00s will appreciate the familiar vocal flair Byo adds to the composition, while the instrumentals receive a modern electronic update. Described by FORBIDDEN as “shocking cyber loudness breaking down genre barriers”, their sound is a unique blend of elements.

FORBIDDEN provides an instrumental version with each of their introductory singles, allowing you to fully appreciate the technical craftsmanship, electronic layering, and storytelling in every composition.

NIGHT RULER will be released digitally on January 24, 2024, according to your local time zone. If the song is not yet available for streaming, make sure to pre-save your links below. We’re eagerly anticipating another taste of FORBIDDEN!

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  2. NIGHT RULER (instrumental)
  2. FEARLESS (instrumental)