DEVILOOF has started the year off 2024 strong by dropping their latest single, with an accompanying music video, “Song For The Weak.” on January 8. The track is the first glimpse of the upcoming EP of the same name, which is set for release on January 24.

Showing another side of DEVILOOF, this punchy and catchy song embodies their rebellious spirit. A little sexy, more than a little energetic, and all without losing their signature heaviness. It has everything: versatile vocals, including a spirited gang chorus, that shows off frontman Keisuke’s skill. Intricate riffs that never lose their melody. To top it off, a punchy rhythm section that is tailor-made for live shows.

The music video is as equally fun, with the band teaming up with renowned Japanese music video director, Kazuaki Kimura, to capture the party vibe of the track. The mix between Kimura’s signature technical camerawork and well-timed cutaways and DEVILOOF’s playful, but intense nature brings to life a sultry, rock ‘n’ roll visual masterpiece.

DEVILOOF - Song For The Weak.(Official Music Video)

In celebration of the EP’s release, DEVILOOF will be holding a live show on February 11 at Daikanyama UNiT in Tokyo. If this first track is anything to go by, mark your calendars because it will be an early contender for release of the year.

To stream or purchase “Song For The Weak.” worldwide, scroll to the music entry at the bottom of this post.

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