Renowned musician and trailblazer in the music industry, hide (Matsumoto Hideto), boasts one of the most visited graves for Jrock fans. His final resting place is honored as a sacred place of mourning for Jrock enthusiasts globally. Recently, the pilgrimage site for many fans has implemented new rules and regulations regarding paying respects to the legendary guitarist. Effective immediately, management requests that visitors refrain from bringing offerings to his grave.

hide’s management shared an announcement in English:

A request to those who visit hide’s grave:

First, we’d like to thank the many people who visit hide’s grave each and every day. Thank you very much for coming.

Recently we have had more and more visitors who bring flowers and offerings (food, beverages, cigarettes, etc.).

Unfortunately, we have had to deal with many cases of broken bottles, burst cans, damaged incense burners, etc.

As members of hide’s family, we would like to ask for your cooperation in this matter.

We would also like to thank you all for coming from all over to visit.

We appreciate your kindness.

We are sure that your feelings reach hide.

We request that you no longer bring flowers or offerings when you visit.

Instead, please come with empty hands to place together in prayer.

Please follow the rules so that everyone can visit the cemetery safely and comfortably.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Please abide by the following rules:

Please be aware that many visitors come to this grave so refrain from bringing offerings (such as flowers) or gifts (beverages/other items).

Please refrain from pouring alcohol, water, etc. on the gravestones, as it will discolor them.

Due to the influx of visitors, burning incense and tobacco as an offering is also prohibited as it may damage the cinerary burner. (Consistent heat causes the damage)

Please refrain from talking loudly in front of the grave, as it may disturb the other people in the cemetery.

hide official management office

The rules appear entirely reasonable, aiming to safeguard the site for future generations. With the management’s announcement delivered in English, we anticipate that these guidelines will effectively communicate their intentions to travelers worldwide, contributing to the preservation of this space.

JROCK NEWS had the honor of visiting hide’s grave in 2019. Please enjoy the report and photos, which were published before the ban on offerings and flowers.

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