Dipping back into their metalcore roots, Tokyo-based modern rock band The Cards I Play dropped their new single “BLACK AND BLUE” on November 29. With an action-packed music video by Seidai Takekoshi from the Japanese creative DJ team “LIFE is SAMPLING,” the three-piece band asserts its presence in the Tokyo modern rock scene.

The Cards I Play - BLACK AND BLUE (Official Music Video)

Lyrically affirming their stance as one of the most determined bands in the local scene, “BLACK AND BLUE” is anthemic. Driven by heavy riffs and furious drums, it is relentless—capturing the attitude of the lyrics.

Celebrating the release, The Cards I Play will also host a “BLACK AND BLUE” Single Launch Party in Tokyo this month, at Shibuya GARRETT. Hadakaefuda, VICTIMOFDECEPTION, and CrowsAlive will join them in an eclectic mix of deathcore, EDM, and heavy rock.

The single is the band’s first release since their sophomore EP “Everything We Love”, which featured on Billboard Japan, Geki-Rock, and other notable media sources. In addition to a social media campaign from fans, this attention earned them a spot opening for Welsh Metalcore giants WHILE SHE SLEEPS, alongside PALEDUSK on December 9.

TCIP Black And Blue Single Cover

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