The “kawaii future rock” sensation Neko Hacker is back with a new energetic release, its first co-written EP titled “Neko-Write Vol. 1”! Formed in 2018 by Sera and Kassan, Neko Hacker is on a mission “to spread Japanese music all over the world”, and this new collaborative work is the latest triumph in that journey.

While the new EP is co-written together with Mitsukiyo, Setsat, sumeshiii, and Capchii, “Neko-Write Vol. 1” retains Neko Hacker’s unique sound which is called “kawaii future rock”—a vibrant fusion between rock, pop, and electronic elements. Distinct to the unit’s sound, this release is also paired with cute lyrics and vocals by Wotoha and mochari, whose performance will remind you of charming anime characters.

“Neko-Write Vol. 1” was first physically released at the autumn convention “M3” in Japan on October 29, and made available for digital download and streaming on November 1.

Check out the EP preview below, or grab the physical or digital release via the links further down.

Neko Hacker 6th EP "Neko-Write Vol. 1" Teaser

Neko-Write Vol. 1

  1. Drive feat. Wotoha
    • Co-written by: Neko Hacker, Mitsukiyo (ミツキヨ)
  2. Stars feat. Mochari
    • Co-written by: Neko Hacker, Setsat
  3. Bye Bye feat. Wotoha
    • Co-written by: Neko Hacker, sumeshiii a.k.a.バーチャルお寿司
  4. Kimiiro Color feat. Wotoha
    • Co-written by: Neko Hacker, Capchii

If Neko Hacker piques your interest, but you’re not ready to commit to purchasing their music, the unit generously offers some previous releases for free on the official website.

About Neko Hacker

Neko Hacker was formed in 2018 by Sera and Kassan. We have created a new genre called “Kawaii Future Rock” and our mission is to spread Japanese music all over the world.

Neko Hacker typically collaborates with various guest vocalists, as guitarist Sera and DJ Kassan are the only fixed members.

About M3

Music Media-Mix Market, or “M3”, is an event founded by volunteers from circles (groups) that create music and “audio dramas”. It was established with the desire to create a space for the creators of their own works and to foster connections with other circles.

M3 focuses on organizing marketplace events centered around audio, video, and multimedia, with the goal to create a platform that fosters closer connections between creators and consumers.

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  1. Drive feat. Wotoha
    ドライブ feat. をとは
  2. Stars feat. Mochari
    Stars feat. mochari
  3. Bye Bye feat. Wotoha
    ばいばい feat. をとは
  4. Kimiiro Color feat. Wotoha
    キミイロカラー feat. をとは