Visual kei duo LM.C celebrated Halloween in style by posting their new music video for JOKER -2023- on October 31. The song is a new recording of their song JOKER -my Name is- from the album “GIMMICAL☆IMPACT!!” that was originally released in 2008.

Known for their spooky cute style and energetic electrorock sound, LM.C’s JOKER -2023- stays true to the original song, with just a little more polish and editing to make it shine.

The music video itself is a bit darker, featuring scenes of rebellion and anarchy. It starts off with dark city scenes reminiscent of security camera footage. People in masks run rampant, holding up signs and flags in protest, robbing what looks like an office building, and generally causing mayhem. There’s even a blink-and-you’ll miss it reference to the fictional Gotham City.

Who are they fighting? What are they protesting? It’s unclear, but their “Shalalalala” is a pretty catchy call to arms, so we might join in too.

LM.C - JOKER -2023- / Music Video

LM.C shared digital releases for JOKER -2023- as well as their song Knight Bus on October 31. Both songs are available now to stream worldwide.

There are also new black and white band photos, featuring Maya and Aiji dressed in layers of decadent, black clothing. Maya is wearing black devil horns, reminiscent of his 2009 look from LM.C’s GHOST†HEART music video.

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