Internationally acclaimed rockstar HYDE becomes the latest of Jrock legends to produce his own alcohol, “PSYCHO LOVE”—a top-tier organic vodka. Starting November 22, a limited supply is up for grabs for fans in the United States, and preorders are currently open.

Shipments are expected to go out in early December, just in time for the holidays. Secure your bottle—or two, or three—now!

The website describes the spirit as:

PSYCHO LOVE is a gluten-free, sugar-free, carbohydrate-free, low-calorie, ultra-premium organic vodka produced under HYDE’s supervision to be the smoothest vodka in Japan.

Not only is it made with organic wheat grown in the state of Idaho and water drawn from a protected aquifer in the Snake River Plain located near Yellowstone National Park, but PSYCHO LOVE is also certified organic under the strict requirements of the USDA and Oregon Tilth.

Light and smooth, PSYCHO LOVE is easy to drink. Seamlessly mix it with anything you desire, and even enjoy it straight or on the rocks.

With a lower alcohol content than most vodkas, PSYCHO LOVE is extremely smooth and mild, making it perfect for cocktails or whatever your drinking pleasure.

HYDE enjoys PSYCHO LOVE on ice with soda water and lime.

We are confident you will also love, PSYCHO LOVE!

By unveiling “PSYCHO LOVE”, HYDE joins fellow members of THE LAST ROCKSTARS YOSHIKI and MIYAVI in producing their own brand of alcohol. Guitarist MIYAVI has his own line of sake, produced by Kyoto’s oldest brewery, Tsuki no Katsura (月の桂). Drummer and pianist YOSHIKI also produces “Y by YOSHIKI”—a curated selection of wines straight out of Napa Valley, California. Rockstars aren’t just making music; they’re crafting unique spirits!

The burning question on our minds: Can “PSYCHO LOVE” vodka live up to its enticing description and justify the $50 USD price tag, shipping included? Fear not—JROCK NEWS has placed an order, and we’ll be serving up our verdict soon! Stay tuned, and cheers to the suspense!

Singer-songwriter HYDE vogues over a bottle of ultra-premium organic vodka “PSYCHO LOVE”

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