Get ready for a surge of intense energy as GUNGIRE, Japan’s self-proclaimed “most insanely angry band”, drops its second mini-album SURGE on November 11. This release comes hot on the heels of GUNGIRE’s debut mini-album, SCATTERED, which hit digital platforms on October 21. Brace yourself for a second dose of GUNGIRE’s ferocity!

The mini-album SURGE contains five tracks, including three brand-new songs, the recently unveiled single Logout, and a revamped mix of GUNGIRE’s inaugural single, Rotten Vegetable.

The single Logout, dropped digitally on September 11, 2023, is a pulsating, industrial rock powerhouse vehemently addressing the detrimental impact of social media.

In this track, vocalist NANA, renowned for her roles in bands like THEO NOVA and FATE GEAR, skillfully navigates between harsh growls and clean, melodic vocals. Complementing her performance, guitarist and composer Matsu, who hails from the band FAKE ISLAND contributes with low-register, intricate, and tightly executed guitar riffs. Bassist “Ta1” provides a solid foundation with pounding and high-tempo bass lines. Together, they craft a musical narrative with thrash metal at its core, that resonates with both intensity and depth.

With Logout to whet your appetite, we invite you to presave the links to SURGE now. You can presave the links for streaming and downloading right here, or dive into the music entry at the bottom of this post.

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  1. Rotten Vegetable SURGE mix
  2. Stir Up
  3. Smoldering Corridor
  4. Logout
  5. Missing Home
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