Anime Los Angeles announced that their musical guests for 2024 include the metal idol group Broken By The Scream, as well as the soulful artist SANA, each poised to captivate audiences with their unique sounds. Both groups will host live concerts, Q&A panels, and autograph sessions during the four-day event from January 4-7.

Anime Los Angeles, a vibrant celebration of Asian pop culture, has been a staple event since 2005. Held annually in January, this four-day event gathers together fans of anime, manga, music, movies, video games, and more. Anime Los Angeles 2024 will take place at the Long Beach Convention Center in California. This year’s theme is “arcade”, offering an immersive experience for attendees.

Mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable fusion of music and culture at Anime Los Angeles 2024! Music guests Broken By The Scream and SANA will certainly ignite the stage with their artistry and passion for music.

About Broken By The Scream

Broken By The Scream stands out with its musical versatility. Their fusion of authentic death voices and clean vocals has garnered a devoted global fanbase. Having graced stages not just in Japan but across America, Europe, and Asia, their presence at Anime Los Angeles is a testament to their international acclaim.

Formed in October 2016 with four original members, Broken By The Scream made an impactful debut in January 2017 with a self-titled single. Their wildly popular first album “AN ALIEN’S PORTRAIT” was released in 2018, showcasing their remarkable vocal range. Most recently, they released the mini-album “Whitewater Park” in July of this year.

The group has bid farewell to several members over the years, and the resilient ensemble now comprises Io and Tsubaki. Auditions for new members are underway, promising a fresh chapter in their musical journey.

Metal idols Io (left) and Tsubaki (right)

About SANA

Joining Broken By The Scream is the enigmatic artist SANA TAKIZAWA, a master of creating guitar melodies that resonate deeply with the soul. SANA initially created music for himself but evolved as he connected with global audiences, aspiring to uplift others through his music.

During his overseas performances, he played the guitar along with a backing track and has left an indelible mark on fans across 22 countries. In August, he released a self-cover album titled “Ai” (). SANA also organized the “Wish Upon a Star Tour” to support Ukrainian refugees, visiting 21 cities in Ukraine.

With the anticipation of his seventh American performance at Anime Los Angeles in January 2024, SANA is poised to enchant audiences with his heartfelt melodies and passionate stage presence.

Guitarist and singer-songwriter SANA TAKIZAWA

🗓 Date📍 Location🌎 Country🔗 Info
January 04
Los Angeles, CA🇺🇸 United StatesRegistration
January 05
Los Angeles, CA🇺🇸 United StatesRegistration
January 06
Los Angeles, CA🇺🇸 United StatesRegistration
January 07
Los Angeles, CA🇺🇸 United StatesRegistration
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Broken By The Scream:
Twitter Nodukidaira Io
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