Visual kei band Sadie previously announced that they would return from their hiatus in 2024 with two revival performances titled THE REVIVAL OF SADNESS. That’s not all as the band revealed the music video for the 2023 rerecording of their song Meisai—undoubtedly, one of their most notable songs!

The music video contains projections of kaleidoscopic visuals behind the band and afterimage effects on the members themselves, heightening the sound of Meisai -2023-Ver.-. They also retained the white background and billowing smoky visuals taken from the original music video.

Sadie 「迷彩」-THE REVIVAL OF SADNESS Ver.- (Music Video FULL)

The aggression and emotional impact of the song is still here but now it’s tighter and cleaner production-wise. The band has also made additional changes here for what is an overall brilliant update to a classic track. Seeing these band members rocking out together after so long is also exceptionally cool.

Sadie also released a stylishly designed artist photo wearing the outfits from the music video.

From left to right: Guitarist Mizuki, bassist Aki, vocalist Mao, drummer Kei, guitarist Tsurugi

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