NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST are the kings of evolving their sound and they have done it again with their new single Kingdom. Accompanied by stunning new visuals and a neon fever dream of a music video, it is clear we are stepping into a new era of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST.

The single, featuring an intro track called Hypertension and the title track Kingdom, is an amalgamation of digital distortion. In the past, the band has been incredibly experimental with their sound but it has always taken a darker, edgier turn. Kingdom on the other hand is bursting with a sense of fun and brimming with personality.

NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST - Kingdom (Official Music Video)

Taking influences of funk in the guitars and even hip hop in the vocal delivery, when blended with the signature NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST sound magic happens. The band also looks sleek. In a music video filled with neon lights, digital effects and royal imagery, the band has a charm that throws back to their visual kei days. Even if the line-up is substantially different from when they first hit the scene, that nod to the importance of their visuals still remains.

As the competitiveness of the Japanese metalcore ramps up in terms of experimentation and evolution, with Kingdom NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST are staking their royal claim.

From left to right: guitarist Yu-Taro, bassist Masa, vocalist Hiro, drummer Natsu, guitarist Valtz.

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  1. Hypertension
  2. Kingdom
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