As the chilling weather and dwindling daylight of October envelop us, there’s no better moment to retreat indoors and embrace chilling, ghostly melodies. In its haunting ambiance, Los Angeles-based dark pop duo 6XT7 (pronounced “sixty-seven”)’s first full-length album Die Together emerges as the perfect selection.

Released on October 6, the album includes some of 6XT7’s acclaimed singles such as Hello Darkness, Pierce, which recently surpassed 480,000 streams on Spotify, and a cover of BUCK-TICK‘s classic 1990 track Aku no hana (悪の華).

Members TASZ and LISA comment on their inaugural full-length album:

“The most romantic thing in the world that I can imagine is to die together with you…

It’s been a very long journey, and we are finally releasing our first album—Die Together.

We wrote this album crossing pre and post-Covid time, from the first song Pierce to the last song Die Together. It’s our romantic way of living and dying.

And it’s the most romantic thing in the world that we can imagine—to die together.”

Among Die Together’s tracklist lies an original song, Bury Me, for which the music video was released on October 6. The music video for Bury Me was directed by Toshihiko Imai, a renowned artist with a track record of shooting musicians for music videos, live photos, and album covers. Some of Imai’s notable clients include Kiyoharu, the GazettE, MIYAVI, Plastic Tree, and of course, 6XT7.

This eerie music video unfolds amidst the enigmatic streets of Taipei, Taiwan—TASZ’s home turf. You can check it out below, while curled up in the gloom with your “spirit” of choice.

Dark electro duo 6XT7 comprises vocalists TASZ left, and LISA, right.

About 6XT7

Founded by vocalists TASZ and LISA, dark electro duo 6XT7’s music combines elements of Jrock, trap-metal, goth, and darkwave, resulting in a unique, genre-blending sound. Though founded in Los Angeles, 6XT7 has also been active in Taiwan and Japan. In fact, the duo takes the stage alongside ’90s Jrock legend Közi (ZIZ, Malice Mizer) at the event “LOVE BLOOD R’n’R” in Taipei on October 29.

TASZ channels raw aggression through his vocals, while LISA, a virtuoso with a classical pedigree, offers a contrast with her ethereal singing. They both play multiple instruments, each with a preference as unique as their vocal stylings.

TASZ prefers the pounding heartbeat of drum and bass, and the frenzied screams of trap metal, while he nostalgically craves the haunting strains of ’90s Jrock to complete his sinister symphony. LISA on the other hand, is entranced by the melancholic elegance of the piano, a portal to otherworldly realms, and she cherishes the ghostly echoes of ’90s pop and goth music of yesteryear. Together they create a haunting dirge that lingers long after the night has fallen.

“6XT7 is more of a passionate commitment than a band to us,” the band says, “it’s a love letter, a vow to romantically escape this world together, forever.”

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  1. Pierce
  2. Bury Me
    Bury Me
  3. Hello Darkness
    Hello Darkness
  4. Aku no hana
  5. Sh(eep)
  6. Necessary Evil
    Necessary Evil
  7. Garbage
  8. But I Do
    But I Do
  9. Dead Bride
    Dead Bride
  10. Die Together
    Die Together