On August 23, UNiTE dropped the retro music video cogito tensai no, which was featured on its recent double A-side single titled “hoshitsui / cogito tensai no”. Cogito tensai no is the second visual installment and comes with a vibrant music video.

Following the release of its double A-side single and music video hoshitsui, UNiTE. presents another taste of fun new visuals with the music video cogito tensai no.

Opposed to, the astrological theme of hoshitsui, cogito tensai no offers a 80s-inspired technological experience. The vibrant and flashy music video is a callback to the 80s, filled with VHS video effects and vintage technology.

ユナイト(UNiTE.)「cogito天才の」 (MV Full Ver.)

Cogito tensai no is a chaotic composition that has UNiTE.’s signature fun and upbeat style, which they are known for; the bass reigns supreme, with funky slap bass lines and roaring synth bass. In addition, constant flourishes of piano and synthesizers keep the song lively and cheerful.

UNiTE. is known for bright and colorful visuals with high energy and chaotic songs. The current lineup consists of vocalist Nozomi, guitarists Lin and Shiina Mio, drummer Sana and, bassist Haku.

The double A-side single was released on August 23 physically, and on August 30, on streaming platforms. The single features the two title tracks and three additional songs, and on the physical version, it comes with off-vocal tracks.

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  1. Hoshitsui
  2. cogito tensai no
  4. Rokantan
  5. Past
  6. Hoshitsui (off vo.)
    星躔 (off vo.)
  7. cogito tensai no (off vo.)
    cogito天才の (off vo.)
  8. DALA MATIQ (off vo.)
    DALA_MATIQ (off vo.)
  9. Rokantan (off vo.)
    ロカンタン (off vo.)
  10. Past (off vo.)
    Past (off vo.)