D=OUT beckons you to dive into their distinctively Japanese soundscape with their latest digital single YASHA, released on August 1. The song is available to stream and purchase worldwide on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music.

Released in the scorching month of August, this track captures the intensity of summer while its haunting lyrics also provide a welcome chill.

With lyrics penned by vocalist Kouki and an electrifying composition by guitarist Hikaru, YASHA takes listeners on a high-speed thrill ride. The song kicks off with a powerful guitar riff, showcasing its ferocity and speed right from the start.

Despite Kouki’s recognizably pleasant and uplifting voice, the lyrics carry a chilling undertone. Kouki teased in his blog, “Even one phrase or a couple of words could awaken the sleeping demon Yasha in you, so be careful”!

Lastly, D=OUT revealed a new look to accompany the release of YASHA. The band is all set to embark on a Japanese tour with Vistlip this fall.

About D=OUT

Formed in 2006, D=OUT is a visual kei band renowned for its Showa-era influences and traditional Japanese styles. They set a new benchmark in the genre by blending uniquely Japanese melodies, instruments, costumes, and themes. With a consistent lineup since 2015, the band comprises vocalist Kouki, guitarists Ibuki and Hikaru, bassist Reika, and drummer Naoto. The band members are highly dynamic and adaptable, seamlessly transitioning from uplifting and pleasant melodies to more intense metalcore territory.

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