In July, the new band “Rurunone” (ルルノネ) burst onto the scene, featuring former members of the special project band YMCP (an abbreviation for “Yamon Company”). Since their sudden debut, the band has released a music video along with two lyric videos. Additionally, Rurunone announced that their official activities will commence starting next month!

The band’s official launch is scheduled for September 20, marked by their inaugural headlining show titled “Hajimarinone” (ハジマリノネ). Rurunone appears as the main act, sharing the stage with six other bands at the prestigious Meguro Rockmeikan music venue. Ticket sales started on August 20 and will remain open until September 19.

Three-member Rurunone is made of vocalist Yamon, guitarist Raku, and bassist Rea. According to guitarist Raku, the band has been over two years in the making!

Rurunone blends traditional Japanese aesthetics, known as “Wafuu” (和風), with visual kei style—imagine a fusion of metal rock and traditional Japanese instruments like the shamisen guitar, shakuhachi flute, and koto stringed instrument. The vocals and composition are more closely ruled by the Japanese musical scale, resulting in a unique genre of rock music that will truly captivate your senses. Moreover, the band members showcase costumes that draw inspiration from traditional Japanese garments, textiles, and patterns.

You can watch the band’s debut music video, “Kageboushi” (影法師), and lyric videos for two tracks on their YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more updates and information in the near future!

The song Kageboushi was both written and composed by vocalist Yamon. Check it out below, along with the member’s latest artist photos!

ルルノネ 「影法師」MV full

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