Metal upstart HANABIE. shows no signs of slowing its self-proclaimed “HARAJUKU CORE” chugging in music video TOUSOU. Translating to “Run Away”, the band’s second music video of 2023 stands tall as a worthy follow-up to the viral predecessor Osaki ni Shitsurei Shimasu (“Pardon Me, I Have To Go Now”).

【花冷え。】 - TOUSOU (Run Away) - Music Video 【HANABIE.】

HANABIE. provides a melodious blend of pop-infused vocals and take-no-prisoners metal core. The trademark HANABIE. mayhem begins seconds in, the action-packed and downright absurd video effortlessly racing along with the blitzing soundscape. The band hits hard and heavy: Vocalist Yukina assaults with satanic growls as well as with a cute and squeaky rapping over tight, syncopated rhythms. Guitarist Matsuri riffs and shreds away, keeping pace with the rock-solid bass lines from Hettsu and drums from newcomer Chika.

The lyrics narrates an urgent, frenetic chase:

Playing co-co-co-co-cops and robbers
I’ll catch you, OK?
The police dog sniffs out
“With pride on the line,
They’re busting the much-awaited big shot”

Sirens wailing under the sky
They say “only look forward”, but
Wanted and fleeing
I just roll through
Ditching everything behind

Despite the run time of just under three minutes, the visuals cover a lot of ground. Band members frantically outrun the police in hot pursuit, take a ride in an elevator, dart off in a dizzying nighttime car chase, and even encounter a familiar character from Pardon Me, I Have To Go Now. The video also serves up a generous helping of comic relief, as Yukina teaches a lesson with a wicked right hook.

Celebrating Chika’s joining the lineup just days before release, the footage prominently features the new drummer. Here’s to hoping fans will continue to see her banging away in several more releases to come!

Rock out to the TOUSOU digital single on popular streaming services, and enjoy more fun than you thought possible in two minutes and 59 seconds of HANABIE. rampage!

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