ASTERISM has a self-dubbed genre called “MASS METAL”, or metal that reaches the masses. In light of this mission, the band announced their highly anticipated US shows in Santa Ana, CA and New York, NY will be free of charge! Originally planned as ticketed events, ASTERISM made the bold decision to make their performances accessible to all audiences.

Admission to these free shows will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to arrive at the venue early to secure your spot! Those who already purchased tickets should contact their respective venues regarding possible refunds.

In the official announcement, the band says,

ASTERISM is embarking on their first US Tour since 2019 and is committed to making this journey accessible to a diverse audience. With their much-anticipated performance at Anime Expo 2023, the band extends a warm invitation to music enthusiasts, locals, students, and passionate anime fans who are encountering their unique sound for the first time.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, ASTERISM remains undeterred and continues to make strides on a global scale. This transition to free live shows marks an electrifying new chapter, injecting a surge of energy and discovery into their artistic journey.

Attendees at all performances will surely be thrilled when they hear the prodigious guitar work and vocals of HAL-CA, complemented by the versatile slapping and shredding by Miyu on bass and on-point slamming by MIO on drums.

Says HAL-CA: “Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to our sound, your interest is our inspiration. We can’t wait to meet new audiences and share in the joy of music together!”.

MIYU adds: “We’re promising our best performance yet, not just for our loyal fans, but for anyone discovering ASTERISM for the first time”.

To get in on this irresistible opportunity, check out the concert details below!


ASTERISM Free Show in Santa Ana

ASTERISM Free Show in New York City

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